How to Get the Body You Want
How to Get the Body You Want

How to Get the Body You Want

How to Get the Body You Want – The definition goes something like this. You’re basically getting in shape by putting in some consistent effort. Or if you’re really getting in shape it involves a bit of sweat.

I see it all the time at my gyms. Shoot, I even had one guy come to me to set up a custom set of dumbbells. Dumbbells, barbells, hyperextensions, they all sound the same. Unless you have a professional doing the work, anything more complicated than a chinning machine must be off limits for you. Gyms are not a kid’s playground, you don’t take dumbbells collecting dust. You’re there to hit it hard, and hard is the key.

That is why following tips is so important. Tips are tools to help you get the body you want. The tools to make sure you get the body you want.

The first thing is to research the self-worth of your goals. What do you love? Do you like the routines, or does it frustrate you? Or do you prefer variety in your routines, incorporating 5 or more different strength development techniques?

Make sure your goals are realistic. Your plan should address what you want to achieve, not how many sets and reps you want to do. 이상적인 남자 크기

And always, have a plan B.

I’ll be the first to admit, as a trainer and someone who spent 15 years as a martial arts masseuse, I’m no expert in this field. In fact, my background is in karate, which is a very physically demanding art. So, please correct me if I’m making any of the following statements incorrect:

No kickboxing equipment? Nix that bit of rubber between your toes.

No spinning? …and stop the backward lunge while you’re still moving.

No injecting gyms. Sorry, that’s not how this works.

But that’s OK, because you’re learning on your own. It takes a while to get the general concept across.

With that in mind you can start building sets on your own, likely working on progression, and finding out where and when your own body hurts.

Then start refining your techniques. many of today’s top athletes have a great deal of knowledge about this field, and although you won’t be M.D’d in there, you’ll be better equipped to figure out your technique for making explosive, tension-free presses.

And finally, builds sets. If you’re a woman – don’t expect to win gold medals tons against the machines at your gym. Give yourself some time.Build sets that will get your to the doo-bag stage, where you’ll be able to do 50 burpees, and do 10,000 crunches.

If you’re a man – do squats and deadlifts. Make your squats explosive. Watch how much weight you can handle. If you feel like you’re getting ready to explode, drop down to your 10 squat mark and tone up your glutes. Then add some body-weight squats to your 3 day split. Make them explosive.

And prepare your core for bigger and stronger things.

This is particular strength training technique that serves to balance out our weak back, and add some dynamic movements to your day.

How to Get the Body You Want


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